Amadeus - Beloved of God...!

We consider this collection one of the brightest creations of our team! It perfectly combines two trends: dazzling luxury and minimalism...

This collection is based on the splendor of rose gold, which is an attribute of any fashion house today. We see the presence of rose gold in jewelry, watches, belts, as well as in women's dresses and bags.

As our fashion house is engaged in creation of home interiors, our task was to combine today's trend of rose gold and noble wood.

We experimented for a long time to find the perfect wood.

The secret was hidden in the veneer of ebony wood.

In its structure, you can see the gold threads, which perfectly match and highlight the rose gold elements!

The third unifying element of the collection is the premium velour! With its noble and full of luxury chocolate color, it harmoniously decorated and united all elements of the Amadeus collection!

With the interior of your home you will emphasize your individuality. In our opinion, the Amadeus collection is the choice of the most sophisticated customers, who always want to be in trend!


The main and trending direction in modern architecture and design, is to maximize open spaces. This style of architecture allows you to maximize your living space by getting rid of numerous partitions and corridors. ..

Panoramic windows have become an integral part of premium real estate in all metropolitan areas.

Premium real estate reaches a whole other level of comfort and values.

It is this fact that was the basis for the creation of the Dallas collection.

Minimalism, maximum airiness and functionality are the basis of this collection.

Dallas is the first collection in the world of interior design based entirely on glass elements.

Natural walnut veneer presented by our designers fills the whole collection with its natural warmth.

From the first steps of its appearance at international furniture forums, the Dallas collection has come to the taste of the most famous designers and architects from all over the world.

The collection continues to grow and will be completed in its entirety by the end of 2021.

The full format of the finished collection is scheduled to be shown in New York at I Saloni in 2022.