Ceramics are a popular finishing material that is constantly expanding its scope of application. In recent years, ceramics has also won a place in furniture production, in particular as a material for high-strength and aesthetic tabletops for dining tables.

In Style Group uses exclusive table tops for sliding dining tables which are made up of two layers of heavy-duty bonded together: a base and a ceramic slab. The base may be either 8 mm thick tempered glass or high quality MDF. The top layer in both cases is a 3-mm Italian ceramic plate. They are based on natural quartz and other extremely environmentally friendly natural materials. They give the tops those unique aesthetic qualities, which determine the priority of this furniture.

What are those qualities?

  • Stain resistance, since the material does not absorb any liquids, grease or stains, which ensures a flawless appearance.
  • High strength and durability provide a scratch-resistant surface, protected from your cutlery.
  • Ceramic takes temperature changes well: you can safely put hot dishes and drinks on the table. Coasters and cup holders no longer clutter your table.
  • Shine, cleanliness and hygiene provide a smooth surface on which dirt and bacteria are repelled.
  • Maintain an impeccable appearance with minimal maintenance: wipe the surface with a damp cloth only. No polishing is required.

In addition, thanks to the ceramic tabletop, the dining group always has a refined, expensive and respectable look. Ceramic tabletops can be of different geometric shapes, monochrome and colored, with delicate shades of color, they go well with metal or wood. Increasing the functionality of tables, designers often use the transformation mechanisms of ceramic table tops of certain models.

Ceramic tabletop is always beautiful, hygienic and functional!

Керамическая столешница для кухни Керамическая столешница для кухни Керамическая столешница для кухни

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